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Active Support at visiting friends or relatives, playing sport or adult LEAD FEATURE
education) to support people to be engaged
London Care Partnership throughout the day. Active Support at
London Care Partnership
2. Little and often: —
Active Support is a way of providing assistance Breaking activities and relationships down into Welcome to Sacha
to people, that focuses on making sure they are a series of steps and identifying those parts the
engaged and participating in all areas of their person can do for themselves, those they can do IN THIS ISSUE
life. with help and those they need done for them. Maternity support
—— This enables people to be involved in ways that for staff
The support we provide needs to be relevant to work for them, perhaps small parts or over some —
have any value. If it leads to more opportunities time. Day trip fun
to do other things and interact with other people 3. Graded assistance: —
then engagement becomes meaningful. Dysphagia
Providing the right amount and type of support
The main message to our staff team is that at the right time – too much and the person —
Last ones in
instead of doing things for people or to people, will be ‘over-supported’ and hindered in their
we want to work with them, so they can take part independence – too little and they will fail. —
Individual successes
in everyday activities, no matter what their level 4. Maximising choice and control:
of ability. In this way we help to transfer control, Looking for opportunities for the person to
improve confidence and increase independence.
express their preferences when it comes to
There are four essential components: relationships and activities. Just as crucially, such
expression must be listened to and acted upon,
1. Every moment has potential: to give the person as much control as possible.
Utilising the activities that need to be done (such
as housework, shopping, work or gardening)
and those that are available to do (such as

Welcome to Sacha

Sacha has joined LCP as the Home Manager of 89 Ewell Road. developing competence in order for staff to achieve up to
She joins us from a specialist residential school supporting Level 5 Diploma in Health and Social Care. She has had
Children and Young People with learning difficulties and much experience with developing peoples understanding to
challenging behaviour. manage their own behaviour and developing independence
skills. Sacha said “I am so happy to be on board with LCP.
Sacha has been training staff and managers for the past 3 I have settled into Ewell Road nicely and I look forward to
years, including behaviour management and assessing and supporting the residents to continue to develop and achieve.”

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