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Getting it right when things go wrong Getting it right when
things go wrong
At London Care Partnership we always want the as fully as possible and in a sensitive way, —
best and safest care for the young people we in person. This should happen as soon as Zak appointed Home
Manager UBR
support, however sometimes things go wrong. reasonably practical after the incident is known
—— about and should include an apology. This
In certain circumstances, when things do go should also be followed up with a written IN THIS ISSUE
wrong, and if a person has suffered harm, they account and apology. Leadership Academy
or their representative should be told what You should be informed about what will happen —
has happened. This is also contained within next, for example what safety measures will be The Spectrum Project

legislation called the Duty of Candour. The taken or what enquiries or investigation will be Nursery Road Care home
Duty of Candour is a statutory (legal) duty to be carried out. opened by Mayor of
open and honest with patients or ‘service users’, Spelthorne
or their families, when something goes wrong As a Care Provider, we endeavour to promote —
that appears to have caused or could lead to a culture that encourages candour, openness Area responsibility
significant harm in the future. It applies to all and honesty at all levels and this is reflected in —
health and social care organisations registered our policy and procedures. We do not rely on 60 Seconds with Zak,
Elliot and Ellis
with the regulator, the Care Quality Commission legislation to be open, and we will always work —
(CQC) in England. to make the right things happen, however if it 2 New homes opened -
isn’t right or something has gone wrong we will Update
You should be informed about what happened communicate with you. —
Fun Times

Zak appointed Home Manager UBR

From 9th August 2017, Zakir Rasulov has been oversee the transition of one resident to the service
appointed Home Manager at Upper Brighton joining in August.
Road. Zak recently joined our organisation from
a domiciliary care provider where he was Service Congratulations on all new appointees!
I have every confidence that Zak and the team
Annamarie will transfer to our new home in will continue to develop the service and further
Surbiton as Deputy Home Manager under Frith enhance the relationship with all existing
O’Connor, Group Home Manager. Annamarie stakeholders including Social Services, parents and
will transfer her responsibilities at UBR to Zak and the young people we support.

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