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60 Seconds

With Zak, Elliot and Ellis

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Question Zak Rasulov Elliott Ellis
Home Manager Resident Resident
(21b UBR) (Alexandra Gardens) (Alexandra Gardens)

1. Favourite Book? Three Musketeers Lego Sticker book Horrid Henry

2. Chocolate or Chocolate and strawberry
Strawberry Ice Cream? Chocolate Chocolate together
3. Beach or Snow? Snow Beach Beach

4. Favourite film? 300 Die Hard Nut job 2

5. What would you never My phone My phone Ear defenders
leave home without?
6. What three things 1. Hunting knife 1. Phone 1. Swimming costumes
would you take to survive 2. Tent 2. iPad 2. Golf clubs
on a desert Island? 3. Portable stove 3. Charger 3. Takeaway

2 New homes opened - Update

Our Sunbury home opened as planned in TIMES
July and has 5 residents who have now
moved in. Kim Brady has now achieved
Registered Manager status from CQC
and is legally responsible for the home.
All residents have settled in and will
be integrating to the community. The
official opening was well received and is
mentioned in this edition of the newsletter.

The service in Surbiton opened later than
planned as CQC had to consider the
application and the registration against new
guidance “Registering the right support”
and NICE guidelines. We had extensive
discussions with CQC and the Boroughs
we work prior to registration. CQC were
satisfied that our successful model of care
and the home was fit for purpose for the
following reasons; We are a local provider
meeting local need, we are very person-
centred and we achieve great outcomes,
we design, build and operate our homes
that are universally recognised as “best
in class”, Our teams are professional, our
existing homes are NAS accredited.

The first young people have now moved
into the home that will eventually support
9 clients. The slight delay in opening has
not impacted on the young people and the
home is very well placed to support the
others coming in the next few months.

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