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How to get on with the neighbours How to get on with
the neighbours

London Care Partnership have nine homes that are Our philosophy is the best way to is for us to be a Agata joins to lead
all in community settings with immediate neighbours. good neighbour ourselves. We introduce ourselves HR function
In some cases there may be many homes in close to all neighbours. It is simple courtesy but for us it
proximity to the care home. In the case of Lichfield has produced great benefits. Some neighbours are IN THIS ISSUE
Lane we have 20 homes whose gardens back on generally not interested in who we are and what we do Ascot ladies day outing
to the care home. We have a similar number at but others become friends. —
Nursery Road. In others there are no direct adjoining Captain Moses reaching
neighbours, like Arabella Drive but all homes will have Disputes between neighbours is a fast-growing new heights

interaction with people in the community. problem as anti-social behaviour is on the rise and also Transylvania visit
—— the irritability at the anti-social behaviour of others. —
The possibility of disputes is a reality and of all the People who would once have shrugged at smoke from Elysium Healthcare
homes we have opened we have had to seek planning a bonfire, now get on their high horse and formalise acquires LCP
approval on all. Sometimes we have had NIMBYISM their complaints to the council. —
(Not in my back yard) that has been as a result of Equality & Diversity
ignorance about autism, learning disabilities and the We have some great relationships with neighbours. —
60 Seconds with Pawel,
“type” of people we support. Some homes regularly invite neighbours to parties, Taylor and James
some neighbours are now working for the organisation, —
In all cases we have won planning, and been able others let us use their drives for additional parking, Fun Times
to build and open the right service. We have used others, like the Scouts & Guides Association let us use
the process to explain what we do and educate their hall as a social club during the day.
neighbours. Often people that were opposed come to
support or advocate for the people we support. Let’s keep being good neighbours and continue to
explain and show how we make “better lives” for the
people we support.

Agata joins to lead HR function

From 3rd September 2018, Agata Kozlowska will be a positive addition to the organisation. She will
be appointed Interim Human Resources Manager. focus on supporting each home with recruitment
Agata is a fully qualified HR professional with and employment relation matters as well as assist
many years experience working for third sector in necessary integration with Elysium.
organisations including Save the Children, The
Children’s Trust and Transforming Autism Project. Agata has a BA in Business Administration and
is currently completing her MSc in International
As part of Agata’s induction she has spent time Human Resources Management.
working on shift as a support worker at 1a Upper
Brighton Road over the last few weeks. Agata will

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