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Ascot ladies day outing

Tina, Home Manager at Lichfield Lane sartorial elegance and it is thought to be The day began early on the day to get
organised the first outing to Royal Ascot where the concept of Ladies’ Day naturally ready and prepare the picnic hampers.
Ladies Day for residents and staff at the evolved. Ladies’ Day is traditionally the There was also an exception made to
home. Tina explained “We wanted to busiest day of Royal Ascot. the wearing of high heels at work. The
participate in a great historic event where weather was lovely and all had a fantastic
everyone can get dressed up and have The trip required meticulous planning and time. The entire group made it back safely
a lovely time. I am not a great race goer additional risk assessments, but the most with lots of stories and pictures too.
but the atmosphere and the event is time was spent debating and choosing
definitely suitable for all.” what to wear. Apparently, the men took “I am sure that next year someone will be
—— longer than the ladies and some needed suggesting an entire LCP entourage and
Horse racing events have taken place at more than a gentle nudge to conform. the hiring of double decker buses now
Ascot for more than 300 years, with Royal Staff that went were Tina, Judi, Carla, they have heard what we have done!”
Ascot as the crowning jewel in the racing Dean and Mason and the residents were said Carla, Team Leader.
calendar. Royal Ascot is synonymous with Zak, Haz, Louise and Callum.

Captain Moses reaching museum for Moses to sit in an aircraft and
having drinks and snacks in the departure
new heights terminal.”

For many people there is a lot of anxieties
Some passengers aboard BA1388 may around flying and the whole experience.
had done a double take when exiting the People with autism have increased sensory
aircraft that had landed from Manchester overload. It is therefore crucial to the safety
to LHR on 04/07/2018. There were two non- and wellbeing of all that every area is
uniformed people in the cock pit. One was evaluated. We developed Autism friendly
wearing the pilots hat! visual guides that were used to explain the
mandatory processes including the security
This was all part of the process to checks. We also had to communicate the
acclimatise one of our residents at Park possibility of unexpected delays! This is
Road for his first flight. There were two staff difficult for people with autism.
members, Althea & Fahmy who planned
and went on the trip. Althea who was In future we are looking to a holiday trip
accompanying Moses said “we had begun to Italy. Moses loves Italian food and the
planning the trip in May to ensure the hot weather. Many of our residents can
risk assessments and familiarisation were participate in trips with other clients and if
carried out to enable planning for a foreign the opportunity arises and another person
trip in 2019”. wishes to join then they will travel abroad
Charles Acquah, Home Manager explained
“We needed to facilitate three pre-visits Deborah, Moses’s sister said “I am really
to the airport terminal, had a number of pleased that Charles and the team were
discussions with customer service/check- able to plan and arrange this great trip
in personnel regarding autism and how for him. It will enable him to see the wider
best to support Moses, visiting the RAF world as the majority of people can.”

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