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60 Seconds

With Pawel, Taylor and James

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Question Pawel Dabrowski Taylor Lovell James
Team Leader Team Leader Resident
(21b Upper Brighton Road) (Alexandra Gardens) (Alexandra Gardens)

1. Favourite Book? Letters to Milena PS I love you Rugby programme

2. Chocolate or
Strawberry Ice Cream? Chocolate Chocolate Strawberry
3. Beach or Snow? Snow Beach Beach

4. Favourite film? Leon the Killer Toy Story 2 Mamma Mia

5. What would you never Phone Coat with hood Manbag
leave home without?
6. What three things 1. Torch 1. Speed boat 1. Lanyards
would you take to survive 2. Knife 2. Diesel 2. Stereo
on a desert Island? 3. Lighter 3. Vimto 3. Snacks

Equality & Diversity

Equality and diversity are very evident within the TIMES
workplace at LCP. We have a very diverse mix
of both staff and residents. Good equality and
diversity practices make sure that the services
provided to people are fair and accessible to
Equality means ensuring everyone in our
organisation has equal opportunities, regardless
of their abilities, their background or their

Diversity means appreciating the differences
between people and treating people’s values,
beliefs, cultures and lifestyles with respect.

We always ensure that all people are treated
as equals, that all people get the dignity and
respect they deserve and that their differences
are celebrated. Equality and diversity shouldn’t
be seen as bonus benefits to any social care
environment but as an integral requirement.

In a social care environment, it’s important that
equality and diversity are at the heart of what we
do. Our residents are individual people and we
always strive to ensure that their diverse needs
are met and ensure that they have equal access
to the services we provide and can access.

Promoting equality and diversity in the
workplace is primarily concerned with preventing
discrimination – whether this is active or passive.
We strive to uphold this at all times.

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