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NICE is a non-department Public Body accountable to the
NICE placement Department of Health and Social Care, but operationally
independent of government. The guidance and other
recommendations are made by independent committees. NICE have
In the last newsletter we outlined how we had been working with produced guidance, advice, NICE Pathways and quality standards for
Skills for Care to promote Good and outstanding care. We were people with learning disabilities.
asked as part of this work and after jointly presenting at the Skills
for Care Annual Conference on 1st March 2018, to support NICE We feel privileged to have had so much time to spend with a senior
colleagues with improving their knowledge about social care. member of NICE. The visit strengthened the relationship we have
—— with NICE and was a unique opportunity to discuss many issues
We therefore agreed to host a short placement within our social related to the sector.
care setting for a member of the NICE team to develop their
understanding and observe how NICE guidelines are used within the Following the visit, Julie emailed a lovely response and also
sector. consented to her picture in our
newsletter. Juile said “I love the
We were very fortunate to host Julie Royce, Associate Director of photo. It shows I made the best
National Institute for Health and Care Excellence for a few days. of my social care placement! I
During that time Julie visited a number of our homes, met staff, found it very helpful to get an
residents, Greg, Sarah and Mike. insight into the challenges you
face but even more so I was
NICE was originally set up in 1999 as the National Institute for impressed by the courage,
Clinical Excellence, a special health authority, to reduce variation in enthusiasm, positivity and
the availability and quality of NHS treatments and care. Since then commitment that you and your
NICE provided the NHS, and those who rely on it for their care, with colleagues demonstrate to all
an increasing range of advice on effective, good value healthcare, your clients and staff”.
and have gained a reputation for rigour, independence and
objectivity. In April 2013 The National Institute for Health and Care
Excellence (NICE) gained new responsibilities for providing guidance
for those working in social care.

Health & Safety audits


Risk management covers general risk assessments including slips,
trips and falls, hazards, and controls required, manual handling,
hazardous substances, expectant mothers and as well as any specific
risk assessments on people we support. Safety arrangements review
amongst other things waste disposal, incident reporting and water
temperatures. Other areas include housekeeping.
London Care Partnership have an annual independent audit
of health & safety across of our care homes. This is to ensure
legislative and regulatory compliance and best practice. The external assessor has inspected and monitored all London Care
—— Partnership homes over the last few years.
The audit is extensive and covers areas related to documentation,
equipment, fire, people management, premises management, risk Following the completion of the latest home Health & Safety
assessments and safety arrangements. Compliance Review, Tony Reid, the Health & Safety consultant said
“I was extremely impressed with the health and safety culture of the
company and I have recommended that London Care Partnership be
The audit of documentation includes insurance liability, driver
licence checks, employee safety handbooks, records of health & awarded an achievement award for best practice. The premises were
safety consultations, hazard reporting and others. The areas related very clean, very well maintained and there was notably a very high
to equipment include planned maintenance schedule, equipment standard of management, compliance and housekeeping in place”.
suitability, vehicle checks, electrical checks as well as office
equipment. Fire checks review smoke detection, testing regimes,
fire drills, alarm systems, exit routes, emergency lighting, evacuation Tony Reid, the Health & Safety consultant said
plans and fire risk assessments. “ I was extremely impressed with the health
and safety culture of the company and
People management includes health and safety awareness and
training of staff, first aid, food & hygiene, risk management and I have recommended that London Care
lone working protocol. Premises management review condition Partnership be awarded an achievement
of building, access, signage, gas and electrical testing and safety, award for best practice.”
workspace, temperature, window and door safety, and welfare

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