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60 Seconds

With Marina, Sharon and Anna C

QUESTIONS Marina Sharon Anna C
Team Leader
Team Leader
HR & Office Administrator
Head Office (21B Upper Brighton Road) (89 Ewell Road)
1. Favourite Book? Child called It Holy Grail Harry Potter
2. Chocolate or Strawberry Chocolate Strawberry Strawberry
Ice Cream
3. Beach or Snow Beach Beach Beach

4. Favourite Film American Beauty My Sister’s keeper Harry Potter
5. What would you never
leave home without? Phone Key, Bank card, phone Phone

6. What three things would 1. Wind up radio 1. Matches 1. Knife
you take to survive on a 2. Sun cream 2. Knife 2. Another Person
desert island 3. Photo of family 3. Spices 3. Mirror

Managing the car fleet


London Care Partnership operate a fleet of Prior to taking residents in any vehicle, all staff
14 cars across our nine homes, as well as six are given a road test despite having a licence
mobility vehicles that belong to individual to assess their suitability to drive. The safety of
residents. the vehicles is important and we check tyres,
—— water as well as do a visual check prior to each
Although many of the young people we journey.
support travel by public transport as well as
walk, we do require the use of cars at every Despite our best efforts, cars are damaged,
home. The type and number of cars reflects need repair or servicing. This is all handled
the need of each home and client. at Head Office including the booking of any
holidays vehicles.
We travel around 250,000 mile each year and
make around 40,000 journeys each year.
The newest car is just one week old and the
oldest is a spare car from 2006. Mostly though,
our cars are between 2 and 5 years old. The
most popular car is the Ford Galaxy TDCI that
is the mainstay of the fleet.

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