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Surrey Council & NHS Directors visit

In October 2017, we were very lucky to Surrey for a number of years and recently Vicky said afterwards, “Please do pass my
have hosted a meeting at Nursery Road participated with other providers in personal thanks on to Kamal for meeting
with the Director of Adult Social Care and the Surrey Learning Disabilities Sector with us and also to Sarah, Greg and Kim.
Public Health, Helen Atkinson and the Development. The meeting was structured You have a dedicated and highly skilled staff
Executive Director of Nursing, Quality to review three key SCC processes team and their commitment to people with
and Safeguarding for the NHS Clinical – Commissioning, procurement and learning disabilities shone through.”
Commissioning Group, Vicky Stobbart. contracting, and care management.

We were able to show our 2 Surrey services During Helen & Vicky’s visit one resident of
and both Helen & Vicky met residents and Nursery Road who had just returned from
staff. The visit was low-key and we discussed an outing, Kamal, gave a tour of his home,
areas of mutual interest and concern. his room explained his routines, likes and
dislikes and he talked about his food and
Surrey is an important partner and we share dietary plan, we took a photo with him and
their vision for Adult Social Care to maintain the two visitors.
people’s independence and wellbeing
through personalised care and support and It is important that Heads and Leaders of
by working collaboratively with our partners Council services and NHS, as well as for us
to deliver better outcomes at less cost. that they first-hand some of the work we do.
Helen & Vicky were able to feel the ‘vibe’ of
We are assisting in delivering the vision for the homes, staff and the young people we
Surrey by ensuring people are supported support.
to stay healthy, live in their local community
with choice and control. Helen said “Thank you for your very warm
welcome on Wednesday morning and for
London Care Partnership has been organising the visit for Vicky and your offer
collaborating and sharing ideas with of ideas.”

Autism Accreditation

Currently all of our established homes have received
accreditation by the National Autistic Society. We began our
involvement with the NAS over six years ago. We received our
first accreditation in 2012 and three later homes in 2015 as
well as being re-accredited in 2015 on the first four.
We are currently working with NAS towards the inspection of
our latest homes, 1a Upper Brighton and Nursery Road.

The Autism Accreditation Programme aims to set and encourage
high standards of provision for autistic adults based on a
personalised model of support. Support should build upon the
individual’s strengths, assets, interests and talents and enhance their
self-esteem and sense of self-worth. It is not about doing things for
an autistic person but rather providing them with the tools, skills and
confidence to enable them to take control over their own lives.

Excellent services for autistic people do not work in isolation but
rather seek to share and promote best practice to ensure that the
community in which the people they support live and work is more

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