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We are currently reviewing our PIR for Arabella Drive. At the last
inspection in February 2015, we received an overall “Outstanding”
rating for the home. Much work has been done since and continues
under Efstathia Veremi who took over as Registered Manager in July
Efstathia said “We have the opportunity to reflect on what we do
well for people using services. We plan for the future and are not
relying on past success. I feel very confident our service will maintain
our rating and all staff are looking forward to the inspection.”

CQC ask us to provide them with information as well as data, that
answers the questions:
• Is the service safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led?

PIR – What does that mean??? Within the PIR document we always include examples of innovative
practice. Although CQC is not fully prescriptive about what should
be included in the PIR, they provide some useful prompts for each
PIR is an acronym meaning Provider Information Request. If category.
you don’t work in the regulated care sector it still wont mean
anything. Ask any Manager of one our nine homes and they The PIR also asks us about our plans for the next 12 months and
will be able to enlighten you with the merits and purpose of to provide evidence that we have explored and recognised where
the PIR. we need to provide a better level of service with focus. The plan
— explains what are we going to do, who will do it, how it will be
The PIR is a request from CQC (Care Quality Commission) who resourced and when it will be completed.
inspect and rate our services prior to any inspection. It provides
an important opportunity for providers to share information and
evidence about their service with CQC. This is used by inspectors
to help plan inspections and information that providers give CQC
is considered alongside all other sources of evidence, including
inspection visits.

On-call responsibility

All accidents and incidents will involve a All Managers also participate in
resolution as well as notification for a range management visits out of hours and at
of incidents. Most need to be reported to night to all homes. At the weekends for
on-call as well as the Home Manager. The example most homes are visited and night
on-call Manager is advised of accidents checks are conducted on a monthly basis
involving injury and or hospitalisation of by two Managers. The visits mostly validate
a resident or staff, or of any emergency the great service we provide, and also
services involvement. The on-call has a aspire to provide.
back-up in the form of Greg, Head of
Operations or Mike Bielanski, Managing Mike Bielanski, Managing Director said “In
London Care Partnership operates an on-call Director or Sinem Milosavljevic, Head of
service to all homes 24 hours a day, 7 days the last 15 years that I have spent in social
a week. The on-call rota and management Resources in Greg’s absence. care I think that I have seen most of all
is overseen by Greg Anstead, Head of there is to see, however there will always
Operations. The protocol for any failure of utilities or be some surprises. The on-call system
any breakdown of heating/plumbing/ is there to strengthen capability in the
— equipment is again notified to on-call, as times out of hours where Head Office and
Each of the nine homes operated by London well as vehicle breakdown or accidents Managers are typically not within the home
Care Partnership has a registered Manager and involving cars. and working”.
once they have achieved the right training, they
are included on the on-call rota, which means an Any parental or neighbour concern or staff
average of 6 weeks on-call per year per Manager. issues are reported to on-call. All of the
London Care Partnership homes need to
The nature of calls varies from week to week and operate safely, and without question to any
is usually relatively low. The calls can be related allegations or concerns that are reported
to residents, staff or the home environment. The to on-call so any suspected criminal act
responsibilities of what to report to on-call is or unauthorised visitor is reported. Visits
known to all as we have a duty of care and level from CQC, HSE, Fire Safety, Environmental
of care to uphold. Health visits would also be notified but to
date only CQC has arrived out of hours.

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