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60 Seconds

With Kamal, Erin and Alfredo

Kamal Erin Bennett Alfredo Leocata
Resident Support Worker Support Worker
(Nursery Road) (Nursery Road) (Nursery Road)

1. Favourite Book? Farsi Animal Book Harry Potter The animal farm by George Orwell

2. Chocolate or Strawberry Ice Cream? Chocolate Strawberry None

3. Beach or Snow? Both Neither Beach

4. Favourite film? Harry Potter Breakfast club Lord of the Rings

5. What would you never leave home Ipad My phone Watch
1. Ipad 1. A inflatable boat 1. Video Games
6. What three things would you take 2. Book 2. Sunscreen 2. Books
to survive on a desert Island? 3. Pen 3. Crisps 3. Sunglasses

2018 Home Developments

We are currently examining options for TIMES
new homes in 2018/9 to achieve our
plan of a new home each year. Since we
started London Care Partnership we have
built or reconfigured nine homes in five
Boroughs, Richmond, Kingston, Hounslow,
Wandsworth & Surrey.

We always have a pipeline of referrals and due
to the great offering and outcomes we achieve
for the young people we support. We are also
working with special schools to secure the right
support post 18.

Within 2017 we have worked on a consulting
basis with a number of Boroughs to evaluate
existing homes they operate within their
Boroughs that are not fit for purpose.

There has been much discussion and debate
within the market and CQC regarding
guidance “Registering the right support.” We
plan to continue to develop further homes that
are fit for purpose, and locally to achieve great

It is important that our successful model of
care and the homes we operate can continue
whereby we design, build and operate our
homes that are universally recognised as “best
in class.”

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