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Reflection on CQC & LCP for 2018 LEAD FEATURE
Reflection on CQC & LCP
London Care Partnership and CQC were both simplified care by asking the question “is this service for 2018
established in 2009. good enough for mum (or anyone else I love). The 5 —
— areas that CQC consider are i) Is the service safe? ii) Is Save the date
CQC is the regulatory body that ensure that hospitals, the service effective? iii) Is the service caring? iv) Is the
care homes, dental and general practices and other care service responsive? v) Is the service well-led?
services in England provide people with safe, effective
and high-quality care, and to encourage them to CQC has found that strong leaders – both at provider IN THIS ISSUE
improve. It carries out this role through checks during the and registered manager levels – play a pivotal role in
registration process of all new care services and thorough high-performing services, where a strong vision and Allotment project starts
inspections and monitoring of a range of data sources person-centred values inspire staff, encouraging a at 21b
that can also indicate problems with services. culture of openness and transparency. Staff members
are capable, confident and caring and are focused on —
Andrea Sutcliffe, the Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care supporting people to live the best lives they can. LCP bake off
said “We have cemented our commitment to ensuring —
people who use services are at the centre of everything CQC have carried out over 33,000 inspections of around
we do.” This is true for LCP too. Having completed a full 24,000 different services, and have found most of the African Cultural Day
round of inspections since 2014, Andrea said “this has adult social care sector is meeting the Mum Test. Only —
allowed us to develop an unrivalled knowledge about around 2% of homes are rated as Outstanding. Health & weight
quality in the sector.”
LCP finish the year as the specialist provider with the management
Both CQC & LCP have adapted a common-sense highest number of Outstanding ratings for England. —
approach to ensure we do the right thing for the people This achievement has been held for the last three years! Changes at Arabella Drive
that matter most, without compromising on quality. Both Following a recent inspection at 1a Upper Brighton
organisations understand how respective decisions made Road, Frith O’Connor becomes the only Registered —
can impact on others. CQC & LCP both know how to get Manager to have been awarded Outstanding in two 60 Seconds with David,
things done by working collaboratively. specialist care homes. Frith said “I am absolutely
delighted for the home, our fantastic team and especially Zagal and Daniella
CQC introduced the “Mum Test” in 2013, which for the young people we support” —
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Monday 10th December 2018 14.00 p.m. – 16.00 p.m.
AUTUMN| Edition 02 Hazelwood Community Company, Hazelwood Drive
Sunbury on Thames, TW16 6QU
Christmas themed dress code is encouraged.

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